About us

V.I.T Hungary Kft. is a 100% privately owned company, founded in 2009, with the goal of taking part in the industrial scaffolding, insulation and tinning works of the developing oil-, energetic and chemical industries of Hungary and the European Union.

Our technologies, management and executing employees allow us to undertake works with high technical and quality demands.

Our labor force, on average, consists of 90-110 professionals. Our leaders – ranging from the CEO to the group leaders – possess German and English language skills, market knowledge and significant experience, and many of our workforce also has the necessary language knowledge and foreign work experience.

The quality of our works is insured by the ISO 9001:2009 quality management and SCC**:2011 safety and environmental protection qualifications, quality management and professional certificates issued to us by TÜV Austria. We organize our works solely based on these competences.

Our workers have all passed an SCC or VCA examination. We place a great emphasis on the continuous training of our employees, both professionally, as well as regarding HSE. The professional capabilities of our workers are constantly controlled via regular vocational and HSE tests.

We provide all the tools, devices and PPEs our workers might need during the projects, which tools are always comply with the latest technological trends and regulations, constantly inspected, their usage is continuously monitored on the sites, and are always the highest quality.

In addition to our headquarters in Hungary, our branch offices and/or headquarters’ in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Belgium support the management, planning and continuity of our works.


Our projects are supported by specialist engineers, technicians, quality assurance and HSE managers, and financial experts.

Our managing level employees are:

  • Hedvig Sándor - CEO
  • Ildikó Zavaczki - regional manager
  • István Tóth - scaffolding project manager
  • György Windegg - insulation project manager



The average count of our scaffolders is 80-90 people, who are in possession of a professional Monteur (Steigerbouw) diploma, certified by DNV-GL, and an SCC or VCA certificate. Many of our workers are also certified and experienced in driving heavy duty machines, thus we are able to solve material handling tasks.

Our tasks include:

  • Volume scaffolds
  • Hanging scaffolds
  • Façade scaffolds
  • Console scaffolds
  • Rolling scaffolds
  • Building and dismantling other scaffoldings and scaffolding systems based on unique designs

During execution, we mostly use the Layher Allround system. Most of our works are internal and external scaffoldings of tanks, building and dismantling scaffoldings for pipe bridges, distillery towers and other oil industry and energetic installations. In addition to those mentioned above, we also commonly build and dismantle scaffoldings needed to condone skilled works, building projects and renovations on railway bridges, industrial buildings, halls, for which we have the professional manpower with adequate experience.

If needed, we also undertake façade scaffolding works of civil and community buildings.

Our fleet of well maintained vehicles allow us to undertake maintenance work on power facilities (power line pylons), and to flexibly react to urgent, unforeseen maintenance and breakdown recovery needs.



Our professional tasks include:

  • Industrial tanks
  • Furnaces
  • Oil-, and energy industry devices and installations
  • Thermal insulation and tinning works of said systems’ pipelines

Our insulation-tinning capacity consists, on average, 15-20 professionals, all well trained in the latest technological trends, meaning that they all possess the necessary professional education and professional experience both in hot insulation tasks as well as cold insulation technologies. Our capacity can be expanded on demand.

Our capacities also allow us to undertake prefabricator tinning works in workshops and local insulation and tinning works on sites that demand high quality implementations, allowing us to completely satisfy any needs in the industry.

In addition to the professional qualifications ensuring that our workers are always up to date with the latest trends, they all possess an SCC or VCA certificate.



The main indicators of our market strategy are the flexible conformity to the market needs and demands, the high quality standard, precision according to our contracts and reliability. We are able to satisfy the complex demands of those customers who prefer to have multiple professional tasks done by the same contractor, so, in most cases, we undertake the scaffolding and insulation works of the same project.

The owners of V.I.T. Hungary Kft. manage multiple, successfully operating enterprises in the industrial pipe fitting, welding and locksmithing fields. In case of customer demands, we are able and would like to take part in quality implementations in these areas as well.




We place a great emphasis on the continuous vocational, health and safety training of our colleagues.


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The main indicators of our market strategy are the flexible adaptation to market needs, high quality standard, precision and reliability.