Why choose V.I.T.?

V.I.T. Hungary Kft. is a subcontracting company with a capable leadership, trained workers, and a vision for a brighter future. We share the same goals as our partners, since we also aim to satisfy the growing demand in the construction industry. With sustainable development being the new trend in politics, economics and industry, we wish to provide our expertise to new, eco-friendly projects, as well as renovations, rebuilding projects.

Our workers are continuously being trained according to the latest trends (for example, all our workers have taken part in the newest courses according to the Dutch Scaffolding Guidelines – Richtlijn Steigers), so our clients can be reassured that our workers posses all the necessary knowledge in their field.

Our fleet of well maintained vehicles allow us to flexibly react to urgent, unforeseen maintenance and breakdown recovery needs.



We place a great emphasis on the continuous vocational, health and safety training of our colleagues.


You’d like to work abroad, but you don’t know who you’d like to work with? We constantly update our current positions on our website.

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The main indicators of our market strategy are the flexible adaptation to market needs, high quality standard, precision and reliability.